Kiss and Motley Crue: Five Things They Have In Common (Aside From an Irvine Tour Stop on August 14)

Kiss and Motley Crue: Five Things They Have In Common (Aside From an Irvine Tour Stop on August 14)

In what's sure to be one of the biggest rock spectacles of the summer, Kiss and Motley Crue announced that they'll be hitting up over 40 cities on their No Fake Bullshit Tour. If you didn't know, in 1983 Motley Crue opened for Kiss on their Creatures Of The Night tour. The two legends are set to play Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre on August 14. As a tribute to some of our favorite old rockers, here are five things the two bands have in common.

5. Babes - Over the years, both groups have had their fair share of women at their helm. Whether it's Gene Simmons claiming to have bedded nearly 5,000 or Tommy Lee's wild exploits with A-listers, each band has been very successful in getting laid.

4. Makeup - Though they may not sport it like they used to, once upon a time Vince Neil was the target of the Aerosmith tune "Dude (Looks like a Lady)." Combine that with Kiss's trademark look, you got two of the most prominent glam-metal bands of all time.

3. Hair - Somehow, both outfits have managed to keep their well maintained manes through the years while their contemporaries have lost theirs. That's why they're still selling out arenas instead of playing Joe's Pool Hall like others that came up during the same time period.

2. Elaborate live shows - The one thing you won't be disappointed in that this show will be each group's stage show. Whether it be fireworks, big screens or strobe lights, both bands go all out to entertain their fans and put on a spectacle that will be well worth the big bucks that will likely be ponied over. If Kiss and Crue actually perform together, the stage may explode

1. Sex tapes - Both bands have the distinction of having their key members been caught doing the nasty on video. Everyone knows about Lee and Pamela Anderson, but did you know that Simmons has one too? It shouldn't be surprising knowing his sex statistics over the years, but alas, here you go.

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