Killer month at DiPiazza's

I don't work in the marketing department at DiPiazza's Restaurant & Lounge, but maybe I should. I just took a gander at their April schedule and they've got some great stuff lined up.

Wednesday is Adam's Dagger, a Long Beach band that just had a streaming song on Punknews.

Friday is Fishbone. 'nuff said.

April 10 is Mike Watt + the Missingmen, Mojo Wire (featuring Monique Powell, formerly of Save Ferris) and the Jack Brewer Reunion Band (featuring members of Saccharine Trust).

April 11 is Marcia Ford and the Hollywood Canteen Swing Band. Trust me. See them. Even if you hate swing standards (and if you do you need to get your ears cleaned), it's awesome to see all those people on the DiPiazza stage.

April 12 is Tipper's Gore, some of current punk's finest.

April 25 is former Bargain Music frontman Josh Fischel doing the solo thang.

And last but not least...

April 29 is Greg Ginn pulling double duty in Greg Ginn and the Taylor Texas Corrugators and JAMBANG.

On second thought, maybe I oughta get a job with Myspace. 


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