Kevin Costner (Yes, That Kevin Costner) Added to Stagecoach

Kevin Costner (Yes, That Kevin Costner) Added to Stagecoach

Kevin "Swing Vote" Costner--actor, Academy Award-winning director, former Orange County resident and apparent musician--has been added to the line-up for Stagecoach, "California's County Music Festival" (the "country Coachella;" it takes place on the Empire Polo Club in Indio the weekend after the big C).

Costner fronts a band called Kevin Costner and the Modern West; as far as rootsy musical projects from middle-aged actors, it's better than Val Kilmer's stuff, at least. Costner's debut album, Untold Truths, came out last month. It's peaked at #75 on the Billboard county charts, but has made it to #35 on the "Top Heatseekers," proving that KC still has it when comes to SEEKING HEAT.

Stagecoach is this coming April 25 and 26, and also features vaunted country bigs like Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Reba (apparently just sporting one name these days, perhaps a holdover from her sitcom days), Kid Rock (close enough to country, sure), Miranda Lambert and more. $99 for the weekend, which is kind of a smokin' deal if you're a country music enthusiast.

Of course, when I think "music" and "Kevin Costner," I really only think of one thing--the greatest early '90s power ballad from the greatest early '90s movie of like all time ever. I think you know what I mean. Click on the jump to find out (and rock out)!

Ah yes. A karaoke classic! DON'T TELL ME IT'S NOT WORTH DYING FOR. I wish I had that denim jacket. Lucky Bryan Adams.


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