Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness at Gibson Amphitheatre, April 7, 2012
Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly

Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness at Gibson Amphitheatre, April 7, 2012

Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness
April 7, 2012
Gibson Amphitheatre

There is nothing like live comedy and when you get an exceptional lineup of great talent, you can't help but to be excited for the night ahead. Taking our seats in the Gibson was easy because the drink lines were long as hell and then with five minutes to spare, people filtered in like maniacs when the band to hit the stage to kick off this year's April Foolishness show. Looking around the crowd it was clear to see that all walks of life with beers in hand (yes, many people were double fisted) were ready to rock. KROQ that is.

With Jimmy Kimmel's house band Cleto & The Cletones providing the beats, Kevin and Bean hit the stage at 8:15 and the crowd of course went ape shit. They let us know this 4th April Foolishness show would once again benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and the Cedars-Sinai Maxine Dunitz Children's Center NICU charities. A special cause made even more special when they mentioned that all of the comics would be performing for free. Sweet indeed. Now bring on the laughs!

Larry King was first up, no doubt because it was almost past his bedtime. Of course we all know he isn't a comic but who doesn't want to see Larry King in person? He came out looking rather hip in a leather jacket and while the crowd cheered he stated, "I'm 78 years old and I'm still a rock star!" Taking his jacket off to reveal his signature suspenders, Larry brought his wife out for a quick hello telling her, "John Stamos is looking for you. This could be the end of our relationship." He then warmed up the crowd with an old-timey tale of his friends from school and while the stories he told weren't particularly hysterical, it was still Larry King and his delivery made it comical...of sorts.

Felipe Esparza (winner of Last Comic Standing) was brought out by KROQ's Dave "The King of Mexico" and started his set off covering pigeonholing saying, "I don't like the stereotypes about Mexicans. We're not all workers!" The L.A. native's act was mostly in Spanglish, but the laughter was universal. He talked of his need to lose weight mentioning, "I have stretch marks on my stomach and I've never been pregnant! When I take my clothes off it I tell women I was attacked by a mountain lion!" The crowd loved Felipe and I noticed one of the sax players in the band especially loved when he was talking about women who wear clothes too small. Seriously. He was cracking up.

Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness at Gibson Amphitheatre, April 7, 2012
Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly

If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Bob Saget do stand-up (and you like dirty comedy) I highly suggest it. Miss Double D-ecember and Danielle (the phone gal from Kevin & Bean) brought out Saget and the crowd went wild. Far from his Full House days, Bob's A.D.D. style brought hilarious talks of telling people to shut the fuck up, calling girls screaming in the audience ho's, ripping a photog, and apologizing for offending anyone...because he plans to offend everyone. Truth is, no was offended at all in this sauced up crowd. Not even when he said, "I was circumcised nine times for Passover, enjoy the calamari." Please erase that visual. Please. Bringing out his guitar, Saget ended with a song called, "Danny Tanner was not gay" and was joined by still sexy John Stamos on stage for a semi-duet. I personally could have watched Bob all night. Fucking awesome.

KROQ's Lisa May brought up OC native Brad Williams who was ready for his first run at April Foolishness claiming with excitement, "Not bad for a guy from Fullerton!" Yes this midget (he said it was OK to call him that, back off peeps) is small in stature but his comedy brought the biggest laughs of the night. He did happen to say that midgets make everyone happier (and that they should be given to cancer patients) and by the way he owned the audience, maybe he's on to something. The highlight of Brad's set was definitely when he brought Lisa May back on stage and proceeded to give her an amazing lap dance to Lady Gaga's song, "Poker Face." For a tiny dude, he seriously had the moves and even flipped upside down and rode Lisa shirtless complete with a Brumski. He killed it and received a well-deserved standing ovation.

Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness at Gibson Amphitheatre, April 7, 2012
Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly

A piano was rolled out and Ralph Garman was on hand to bring out Aussie comic Tim Minchin. If you aren't familiar with Tim (as I wasn't) trust me, get familiar. He happens to sing quite well, has spot on delivery, and belted out hilarity in the form of a great tunes with one called, "Fuck the Mother-Fucking Pope," which might have mentioned the words "mother fucker" about 1,000 times. Rocking hair that looked like he might have just been fucked himself, Tim received huge applause mixed with huge laughs and his three-part "Confessions" song that kept ending with his love of boobs had the whole venue singing along. Minchin surely earned a ton of new fans after his performance (including me) and received a semi-standing ovation of his own. He was in one word, brilliant.

KROQ's Beer Mug brought Eddie Ifft to the stage and the rowdy crowd was clearly feeling the effects of the $10 beers. He started off talking about his much younger girlfriend and how he had quit smoking and drinking... while he was drinking a beer on stage. With witty thoughts about when he's old and how he'll shoot heroin (because he'll have veins everywhere), babies on planes (and aborting them), and talking about how his sex drive is almost non-existent, the crowd ate up Eddie's every word. He also gave plenty of ladies an idea of how to keep their men awake on the drive had to be there.

Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness at Gibson Amphitheatre, April 7, 2012
Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly

Lisa May hit the stage again to introduce crowd favorite Jay Mohr and once again, the venue lost their shit with excitement. He started in on how he was getting over the flu and has been "peeing out of his butt" and "rooster tailing shit" for days now. TMI maybe? Not for this cheeky crowd! Jay is known for his impressions and he didn't disappoint with his spot-on Norm McDonald, Adam Sandler, and a "special appearance" by Harvey Keitel while doing a scene from Goodfellas. I'm not sure if Jay having the flu effected his performance but I will say that I didn't think Jay on was on his "A-game." I mean, everyone loved Jay's storytelling but I did hear someone yell out, "Do Tracy Morgan!" I couldn't have agreed more. But he didn't.

Kevin and Bean came back out to check on the crowd who were still booze fueled and still loving every minute. No problems there! Jim Jefferies is ummm, rather dirty, and that is just what the audience wanted and expected from him. Might I add, he did a phenomenal job of bringing it! From talks of how he used to fuck Michael Phelps girlfriend to airplane etiquette, his set produced roaring laughter and remained peppered with plenty of the "c" word. He even gave a shout out to Whitney Houston saying, "I was really upset to hear she had died. Because I thought she was dead already." Love me some Jim!

FINALLY Eddie Izzard hit the stage. I only say finally because at this time, the crowd seemed to be looking broken and burned out. The popular English comic talked about difficulty with the Latin language, hurt body parts, and looking for God while keeping the crowd as entertained as humanly possible at almost midnight. While Izzard is generally funny, I suspect the audience was thinking about the ride home and was pretty much laughed out at this point. I think Izzard would have done better with an earlier time but either way, he did a pretty long set and still rules in my book!

Critic's Bias: Bob Saget! Bob Saget! (Tourette's guy's voice)

The Crowd: Dressed up and dressed down. This crowd was ready to party and have a great time. The backstage crowd made for the best people watching spotting John Stamos, Dr. Drew, comics John Heffron and Matt Kirshen, and KROQ jocks Stryker and Mike Catherwood mingling with us common folk.

Overheard in the Crowd:
"Big tits and bullshit make the world go around."
"Brad was the best one. Oh my god he was funny!"
"My boyfriend left me but god willing, I'll get him back."
"I think the women that Felipe Esparza was talking about who wear clothes too small is that woman right there!"
"I laughed so hard I think I hurt my spleen!"

Random notebook dump: Shout out to the overly affectionate chick that had to pee three times. Twice she went out my way. Twice she straddled her man to get over him giving him a porno kiss each time. I'm no Martha Stewart but leave that shit at home.

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Felipe Esparza
Bob Saget
Brad Williams
Tim Minchin
Eddie Ifft
Jay Mohr
Jim Jefferies
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