Kat Griffin

Photo by James BunoanTalking to Kat Griffin is like talking to someone who knows assloads about something you know nothing about, unless of course you happen to know a lot about cocktail music, in which case, what, you think you're better than us? But it doesn't matter that she may as well be speaking Greek because she's a DJ—she does the Madly Cocktail show on KLON-FM 88.1—and she has one of those really cool, breathy-sounding DJ voices, and listening to a DJ speak Greek is probably cooler than listening to a mere mortal speak your language, unless the DJ happens to be Rick Dees, in which case all bets are off.

Kat Griffin: I like to go to the Continental Room on Sunday nights before I go and do my Sunday night show. Chuck Kelly from luxuriamusic.com deejays there with the Millionaire, who's also a musician who plays with the Velvet Hammer. OC Weekly: The burlesque thing?

Yes. The last show they did was Lucha Vavoom, and oh my gosh, they had a Mexican ring with Mexican masked wrestling—unbelievable. So you can see the Millionaire playing with them, but he also deejays Sunday nights at the Continental Room. Chuck Kelly plays the lounge-y post-cocktail music, Mancini-inspired stuff. It's very, "Have a little beverage, and all is right with the world!"

What is post-cocktail? Post-cocktail is falling asleep!

It is! I try to create this relaxed end-of-the-workweek vibe. My show is the gateway to the weekend.

Is your house decorated with tikis?

Well, yeah, I have my formica bar, which is dusty. I really don't drink too much anymore. Wine is my thing. The post-cocktail thing is less alcohol, more opulence. The savoir faire of la vie de cocktail and the tiki theme and all that. It's even less vintage now—it's more modern.

Favorite albums?

Daniel Glass Trio's Something Colorful on Very Tall Music. Another favorite is Jeffrey P. Ross' My Pleasure. And I love the new Johnny Cash.

Okay, let's play a game. You tell me what's the most post-cocktail in each category. Is the most post-cocktail carpet shag?

Oh, no! The flattest, tightest industrial weave you could get your hands on, backed by jute in a color that's indescribable in terms of its connection to green and aqua.

Awesome. What's the most post-cocktail drink?

I'm a die-hard martini drinker. Bombay gin, regular. Only regular.

Post-cocktail jewelry?

Your grandmother's ring that has been sitting in your closet that almost looks early '60s Lucille Ball show, and if she has a necklace that goes with it, that's the perfect ensemble.

What's the most post-cocktail color?


What's the most post-cocktail sexual position or fetish?

A woman lying on her back with her legs straight up in the air with a man kneeling in front of her, and she can get up and say, "Get the hell away from me!" . . . or not.

Is there a post-cocktail drug?

For me, its Excedrin migraine


The pixie.

What's the most post-cocktail pick-up line?

It definitely should be coming from a woman. . . . I got it! "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours!"


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