Kanye West: Not Dead!

Kanye West: Not Dead!

First Zach Braff, now this? Yeah, as we type, right now the top two trending topics on Twitter are "RIP Kanye West" and "#LongLiveYeezy." Don't be fooled; this is another sad sign that the "microblogging" site is, as I've spent so long denying, sometimes kind of dumb. Or actually harmful. The infamously self-obsessed yet undeniably talented rapper is, as far as anyone can tell, most definitely still alive, probably at home writing something in all caps right now.

Misinformation tends to spread like H1N1 on Twitter; earlier this year, there were rumors that Miley Cyrus (it's Miley!) had died. No wonder she deleted her Twitter. Don't think, though, that the days of post-Taylor Swift Incident weirdness from Kanye West is over--first there was the inexplicable, Spike Jonze-directed We Were Once A Fairytale short film posted over this past weekend. Now it's disappeared form 'ye's website, saying simply "SORRY I HAD TO TAKE IT DOWN : (" Don't trip, it's still on YouTube--for now.

After the jump: some of the best "Kanye is dead" tweets from a recent round-up (there are a lot of tweets--and keep in mind that some of these jokes have no doubt been made multiple times, so the usernames attached to them may or may not deserve any real credit). People are gullible. (Read: dumb.)

@ tazmantwitt Why am i hearing that kanye west is dead...This is as crazy as when i heard that @souljaboytellem superman'd off the roof..Gnr

@ SharniBanarni RT @Gautz09 If Kanye West actually passed away, he would have to come back just to interrupt his own funeral...

@ JayBlazeman seriously the #RIP Kanye West story is annoying. People actually wish he was dead? Hip Hop will be in trouble then... Get Em High!!

@ skalovers yo, whoever started the RIP Kanye West hoax, Imma let you finish... but Balloon Boy had one of the best hoax of all time! OF ALL TIME!

@ joycee19 RIP Kanye West?? WHAT THE, is he dead?? 0.o

@ isalou trending - RIP Kanye West - he dead? Or some joke? lol

@ nickpack RT @urbanbutterfly_ Despite being the number one trending topic, Kanye West isn't dead - that's just his career.

@ kerryemmerson RIP Kanye West? Did Obama finally take the jackass out? ;)

@ ShantellLaCole You guys are effing dumb . Kanye West is NOT dead; It's a rumor, don't you think it'd be on MTV & BET if it were true? Duh . GULLABLE :/ SMH

@ creamcookies i'm not sure if I REALLY wanted kanye west to be dead or not =|


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