Kanye Proposes to Kim at a Baseball Stadium. Seriously.

Kanye Proposes to Kim at a Baseball Stadium. Seriously.

For a guy who seems like he's a romantic at heart, Kanye West sure has a funny way of proposing. In case you missed it, his Yeezusness finally popped the big question to his main squeeze and mother of his child, Kim Kardashian, at, of all places, AT&T Park in San Francisco. Kanye did indeed rent out literally the entire ballpark that houses the San Francisco Giants to ask Kim if she'd like to be Mrs. West. The entire affair took place on her 33rd birthday.

Romantic? Sure. Thoughtful? Absolutely. After all, who rents out an entire stadium in a city where the two don't even reside to propose? There isn't a more scenic venue at this time of the year. Kanye whisked her away to San Francisco and blindfolded her before they headed to the stadium (Kanye is even more genius than originally said because he did it before a gig up by the Bay. Would love to see these reviews).

The couple's friends and family were on hand for the event, which was topped off by fireworks and a 50-piece orchestra, according to E!. It's not like anyone should be surprised, but the orchestra, of course, they played a Kanye song "Knock You Down," in addition to Lana Del Rey's "Young and Beautiful" (which was an interesting choice). Kardashian got a 15-karat Lorraine Schwartz ring. Whatever that means (I know that's A LOT of karats).

But what gets me is that Kanye violated Cool Code 101 when he had the phrase, "PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!" on the stadium's jumbotron. Oy vey. C'mon 'Ye, you could do better than that!

On one hand, it's super impressive that Kanye--who performs at Honda Center next Friday-- was able to pull off this event without being mobbed by fans or the media (aside from E! of course). But, I never took Kanye as the type to do a ballpark proposal, hell, did anyone? It seems like this proposal, as genuine as it was for the rapper/producer extraordinaire, was just another pawn in the Kardashian game. Just ask that doofus Kris Humphries what its like to get played by them.

Imagine being a fly on the wall to hear what Kanye said to Kris Jenner when he asked for her daughter's hand in marriage. If that did actually happen, don't be surprised to see it on the E! special upcoming for Kanye and Kim: The Wedding (This Time It's Real).

But here's to the happy couple, getting engaged in a grand fashion at one of the best baseball stadiums in the country. I wonder what young North will think of this affair when she is old enough to take in her parents relationship.

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