Kanye and Jay-Z Release 'Watch the Throne'; Bon Iver Surprised to Be On It

Kanye and Jay-Z Release 'Watch the Throne'; Bon Iver Surprised to Be On It

Kanye West has always been more of the "do shit, think later" type, so Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver)'s discovery that his hook had been used on "That's My Bitch" off the newly-dropped Watch the Throne couldn't have come as too much of a surprise to the indie-rocker.

The album, in all it's hipster-anticipated glory, dropped today--rife with synthesizers, boisterous production, samples and shitload of swearing.

XXL reported today how Kanye and Jay-Z were able to keep Watch the Throne from leaking--with involved a conscious effort on both Hova and Yeezy's part to record the album in person rather than emailing bits and pieces back and forth.

As for the music itself, it sounds a lot more like Kanye's than Jay's--the production is the same grandiose (almost melodramatic) wall of sound that ran throughout My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and the way the duo spits verses is far more Ye-esque (maybe Hova is trying to branch out?). It works--perhaps less pronouncedly so than MBDTF due to the dual vision (two heads aren't always better than one), but there's a reason Kanye made a name for himself doing Jay-Z's production--he understands that it's a very precarious art.

As expected, the lyrics are bit ridiculous. Sometimes in a genius way--"Got staples in my dick. Why? Fuckin' centerfolds," Kanye raps on "Illest Motherfucker Alive"--and other times, in a cringeworthy way--"That shit cray!" Kanye says, repeatedly, on the otherwise excellently crafted "Niggas in Paris" (Note: Men you should never shorten words. Especially if the result is something as fruity as "cray." Instant lady-boner killer.) The occasional line-by-line exchange between Jay-Z and Kanye is refreshing--each of them have such a markedly different flow, that it lends tracks an near-hectic quality.

What do you think of Kanye and Jay-Z's collab? (The three tracks mentioned above are posted below.)


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