Juicy J - The Observatory - July 4, 2014
Alfonso Delgado

Juicy J - The Observatory - July 4, 2014

By: Alfonso Delgado Juicy J The Observatory 7/4/14 "We gon' stay trippy for life" was the mindset of the night, as DJ CaliNdaMix, alongside DJ Bizzy, mixed and scratched while Juicy J belted out classics from his days in Three 6 Mafia. Celebrating Independence Day in ratchet fashion, the Memphis rapper doled out hits from his most recent album, Stay Trippy, and even new tracks that may be seen in the future on his much-anticipated new album Pure THC: The Hustle Continues.

The Observatory was Juicy J's latest stop in the Never Sober tour, which has been ongoing since February 20th of this year. Building hype for Pure THC, he began the set by introducing the new song "Holy Ghost" (feat. Lil Bibby) saw him slurring lazily conceived catch phrase "faded, and famous." The bass pounded throughout, the crowd bobbing in sync with it. It was fitting that he was dressed in simple black and white, wearing only a couple unadorned gold chains around his neck, as he belted, "twelve shots got me sweatin' like a preacher."

He followed up with "You Don't Know," featuring Mike Will Made It, a frequent collaborator featured on other hits such as "23"(along with Miley Cyrus and Wiz Khalifa), "Bandz a Make Her Dance", and "Show Out." Reminiscent of his older songs with Three 6 Mafia with a faint "mafiaaa" echo in the background, the crowd slowed down and vibed with the unexpected, older sound.

Then the ratchet shit really started as he brought out the songs everyone came to hear. In a flurry, Juicy J had the crowd twerking and grinding to the throb of the bass, as he performed "Show Out," "Scholarship," "Bounce It", and "Bandz A Make Her Dance" in rapid succession. He also threw it back a few years with his classic "Slob on my Knob," bouncing across the stage with a step that only comes with a combination of Hennessy, Kush, and an enthusiastic crowd. The stage darkened for Katy Perry's "Dark Horse," and every woman in the crowd sang along with her verse. Juicy J sang the start of his verse to transition into the track, which changed it from an overplayed radio hit to a fresh, exciting performance.

Openers JB ThaPrettyBoy, RTG (Reckless Trippy Gang), and KC WhyNot are all up-and-comers in the OC-LA-Long Beach scene, and kept the hype strong throughout the evening, handing out blunts and soaking the crowd with Super Soakers. They sipped Hennessy, smoked the finest, and spit flows that were energetic and had the crowd hopping.

The Crowd: Evidently, no one decided to pre-game, as the bar was packed and the haze was thick. Hip-hop aficionados were prevalent (complete with XL tees and fades), although there were also the requisite hipsters, facial hair and Ray-Bans aplenty. While somewhat of a sausage fest, the twerkers were out in full force, making for an adequately "ratchet" night for all present.

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