Walt Disney presents...
Walt Disney presents...

​This week in local music news links... lots of material for tween girls.

Jonas Brothers, Hanson, the New Limb, and Other OC-ish Music Links

  • FREE TICKETS for the JONAS BROTHERS in LONG BEACH. Too bad you missed it. [Daily 49er.]

  • Irvine's Uproar Festival--going on right now!--shows that mook metal is "slamming even in this horrible economy," says founder John Reese. [OC Register]

  • SideOneDummy Records founder Joe Sib talks about his spoken word act. He says, "people are going to walk away from this going, 'Wow, that guy was really influenced by rock 'n' roll to the point of almost, like, weirdness.." [OCR]

  • Paramore, ahead of their tour-ending stop in Anaheim, talk about opening for No Doubt last summer. [OCR]

  • A rave review of Hanson's appearance at House of Blues reveals that the crowd, shockingly, was "mostly female and generally young." [OCR]

  • The drummer from OC "bitch-pop" group Semi Sweet says her favorite animal is "half lion, half man, half chainsaw." [Everyday Noise]

  • Lauren Salamone of the New Limb tells all, or at least some, about living in a house with the male band members. [Daily Titan]

  • The Ruffian music blog, bane of grammarians and Detroit Bar denizens, appears to be dying. The Buffian, though, is just starting. His/her verdict on the New Limb? "These pubescents are pretty cute ;)" You get the idea. [The Buffian]
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