John O'Callaghan and Kristina Sky at the Yost Theater Last Night

Kristina Sky
Kristina Sky
Matt Oliver/OC Weekly

John O'Callaghan with Kristina Sky
Yost Theater, Santa Ana
2, 2012
Ireland's No. 1 DJ John O'Callaghan headlined the Yost Theater on Thursday night, but LA's own Kristina Sky stole the show. Giant's house DJ, Daniel Minaya opened the night with his share of old school progressive house. Kristina Sky mesmerized the crowd; she opened her set with dazzling lights, but let her mixing outshine any light show. Pure energy was felt, as the connection of Sky's incredible passion reached each and every one of her fans. The highlight of her set was when she dropped the crowd pleaser Beltek vs. Calvin Harris Mashup "Flashback to ZHU's Eclipse." Sky closed her set with the early 2000s hit, Lustral's "Everytime (Bryan Kearney Respruce remix)," a sentimental track.

Sky, who shared the stage with Madonna and Daft Punk for the 2006 edition of Coachella, has said that Orange County is like her second home. She looks out into the crowd, sees familiar faces and a crowd that is ready to go.

John O'Callaghan
John O'Callaghan
Matt Oliver/OC Weekly

Armada Music's John O'Callagahn took the stage, and truly put the crowd in a state of trance (until he messed up). There was a minute of silence, and everyone in the crowd was left in suspense and bewildered. As O'Callaghan regained his composure, the night was his to steal from Kristina Sky. Unfortunately the crowd slowly thinned out.  Ireland's No. 1 DJ still pumped out hits like "Big Sky" and "Personal Jesus (Remix)", and the Yost Theater's crazy light show was still hypnotizing to the crowd.

During the middle of his set, an amazing display of fierce women boxers appeared on OC's largest LED wall. With only around 100 people left and the lights turned on, a loud chant from the crowd emerged; "One more song, one more song." O'Callaghan gave his loyal fans what they wanted, and ended his set with "Find Yourself." 

John O'Callaghan and Kristina Sky at the Yost Theater Last Night
matt Oliver/OC Weekly

John O'Callaghan will be part of Armin Van Buuren's A State Of Trance at this year's Beyond Wonderland. Maybe the massive setting will be more appealing to the masses.

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Critics Bias

I am an avid trance listener, but the minute of silence during O'Callaghan's set was disturbing. Fortunately he composed himself, and still put on a show. Even with minor setbacks, for $15 I got an intimate show with featured A State Of Trance DJ, John O'Callaghan, and local legend Kristina Sky in Orange County. Need I say more? 

The Crowd 

A mix of new school EDMers and the old school hardcore ravers. 

Fan 1 - " This was my first time seeing Kristina Sky, and she blew my mind"

Fan 2 - "Kristina Sky's transition to John's set was Old School" (A Good Thing)

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