Joachim Garraud Talks About Coming to Orange County and Dubstep

Joachim Garraud Talks About Coming to Orange County and Dubstep

Joachim Garraud is one of the most well-known techno personalities in the world; his Iconic Space Invader mask has terrorized every country he has visited--in a good way. (Proof is in his Youtube Channel). All the way from Paris, France, Garraud will be invading Sutra on Friday night with his keytar in hand.

Here's how Garraud describes himself: 

I am Joachim Garraud from Paris, France, and my music is from the future! . I have been doing electric music for a long time. I started when I was young boy in France by playing piano and then became a producer. I have co-produced and co-written with many artists, including David Guetta and his song, "Love Is Gone." I just finished co-producing a songs for Akon and Chris Willis, David Guetta's singer.

Who or what inspired you to begin producing and deejaying?

The music! Like I said, I started playing piano at a young age, and then found producing and deejying. Music in my life and has been for a very long time. I always like to make music on the road. I travel a lot and get to do music every day because of that. I love it!

What was your inspiration for your dubstep-influenced release?

I really like dubstep's energy. I like the fact that it has a really extreme sound. As a producer, I like to mix and merge different sounds. I was excited by the idea of dubstep music. Last year I was so blessed to play Electric Zoo and Coachella. During that time I played a dubstep track. It's a cool vibe ... I am very excited to release my next album I did with Alesia, Hillside West EP. It will be released on Steve Aoki's label, Dim Mak on March 20.

What does this mean for Space Invaders?
Ahh. (Laughs.) Space invaders is my main logo. When I stopped deejaying 10 years ago, I looked for a new logo. I was excited not to use my own face, but looked for a logo that looks like electronic music. The Space Invader does not discriminate. It can be male, female, American or French. There is no question of race or religion. It is an International look. This is why I choose it.

What do you think about dubstep? Is it a fad, or is it here to stay?

I think, It's something that will stay. It's kind of rhythm is not really new. I really think this type of music will stay powerful. It's a good track (dubstep) to play during a festival. Example; I produced the biggest festival in France last December. I brought Skrillex and Steve Aoki and they played on a special Electro House/Dubstep stage. Young people were crazy about the stage. Because of this I feel dubstep will stay for a long time.

I love the keytar, when and why did you decide to break it out live?

(Laughs)  The keytar is a trade mark. People ask why the Kkeytar? I say, as a musician, I like to DJ, but it only gives you a chance to mix tracks and go from track to track. It was frustrating for me, and is difficult for me as a musician. I was very excited to bring a keytar for my performances, because in one second you can turn a DJ set into a live set. It's way to share music with people, and treat people with a live show. People come after the show and say thank you for the live music.

Is there anything you would like to tell OC Weekly readers?

I'm so excited to bring my Invasion set back to Orange County! I have tons of new tunes to play and I'll be showcasing some tracks off of my new EP, Hillside West, that will be released on Steve Aoki's Dim Mak label in March. I always love playing to the OC crowd and can't wait to hang with my Californian Space Invaders at Sutra!

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