It's A Bush Reunion...In Fontana!

It's A Bush Reunion...In Fontana!

Bush, now most famous for being the band whose lead singer is Gwen Stefani's husband, just announced its first live show in eight years. They'll be performing at Epicenter Twenty Ten, taking place in Fontana, California, on September 25 and 26. I guess it's not as glamorous (or played out) as a Coachella reunion, but at least their contemporaries Blink-182 will be there. Eminem, Kiss and Rise Against also are on the festival bill.

Bush is also set to release a new album called Everything Always Now in the fall. Listen to the single called "Afterlife" below: 

I guess it's not bad, but I was never a Bush fan. And with the exception of

No Doubt

, I prefer my '90s rock bands to stay in the '90s. If you remember, 16 years ago Bush topped radio charts with the song "Everything Zen," from their debut album

Sixteen Stone


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