It Came to Him in a Dream

All right, people. There will be absolutely no shit-talking in this blog. No matter how tempting. I just can’t do it.

Joe Tucky, an Orange County resident, has written a country song called “A Salute” dedicated to our soldiers, both active and veteran.

The inspiration?

It came to him in a dream.

“I woke up at 3 in the morning with the complete song in my head,” said Tucky. “I’m not a songwriter, but the entire song and lyrics came to me in a dream.”

Tucky claims his friends and family begged him to produce the song, after hearing the deeply moving lyrics, which have allegedly brought many people to tears (in a good way, I presume).

Lyrics like “I am a country singer, this is a country song. If you don’t want to listen, why don’t you move along.”

No, no, there are better ones.

“So when you see an American soldier, salute him and let him pass by. Remember that American soldier, for you he is willing to die.”

(You know, when my first-grade class sang “Proud to Be an American,” it made my mom cry. It just so happens that a song doesn’t have to be a masterpiece to inspire patriotism.)

Tucky recorded the song with the help of country singer Sam Morrison. Neither man has actually served in the military, but both want to “express respect and gratitude for our country’s armed servicemen and -women.”

Morrison and Tucky want as many soldiers and veterans as possible to hear their song.

Tucky wants you all to buy his CD (for just less than 6 bucks, from his independently owned production company) and either give it to a soldier or veteran you know — or don’t know (not important) — as a sign of respect for their service and sacrifice.

You know what would be an even greater sign of respect?

If Tucky donated all his proceeds to a charity like Soldiers Angels or Freedom Is Not Free.


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