Issue 100 for 'L.A. Record' is Out; Celebrate With Free Download

Issue 100 for 'L.A. Record' is Out; Celebrate With Free Download

ead honcho and OC Weekly contributor Chris Ziegler gifts you with not just a mix tape to celebrate the 100th issue of L.A. Record (check it here or download it here), but also a closing party in downtown LA tomorrow. In the mix: Teen Inc's "Fountains," Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffitti's "Round and Round," Flying Lotus' "Quakes" are all part of this downloadable goodness, to highlight the quarterly's biggest issue ever. 

Ziegler says the issue--which has 112 pages of music, art, film, books, full-color comics on Flying Lotus, Ariel Pink, Merle Haggard, Tinariwen, the Like, Harmony Korine, Chicano Batman, Genesis P-Orridge, Roky Erickson, John Carpenter, Ty Segall, Legs McNeil, Active Child, Janelle Monae, Cleaners from Venus, Teen Inc., Australia's X, the Art Museums, Oy, Oliwa and the Pleasure Circus, Ryan Heffington and more--will be out this weekend. And, if you attend the L.A. Record 100 closing party tomorrow at the 6th St. Warehouse at 1269 6th St., you can get one for free. 

John Carpenter, Chicano Batman, the Blank Tapes, the Branches and Manhattan Murder Mystery are all perform on the halfpipe with L.A. Record and dublab DJs, and the event is $7 and all ages (but free if you have an L.A. Record 100 card and RSVP to

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