ISA in Long Beach with Far East Movement, Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu and More

ISA in Long Beach with Far East Movement, Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu and More

If, like us, you've been feigning for the next SoCal ISA show, you'll be happy to find out that today International Secret Agents announced that they're going to hold it at the Harry Bridges Memorial Park (formerly Queen Mary Events Park) on Saturday, Oct. 1. Far East Movement, Sean Kingston and Grammy nominated B.O.B. will join ISA this year at the all-day festival.

The festival, which was founded by Far East Movement and Wong Fu Productions in 2008, now draws 3,000+ people a year.

YouTube sensations Ryan Higa (aka NigaHiga), YouTube comedian Kevin Wu (aka Kev Jumba) and singer Cathy Nguyen will host the event, and America's Best Dance Crew 2011 champions I.aM.mE, David Choi, and artist Kina Grannis and New Heights will also be performing.

FM and Wong Fu Productions set out to make this grassroots movement not only an active participant in the international entertainment landscape, but also a helping hand for non-profits and community-based organizations. 4C the Power is one of those organizations, providing professional training to youth in the arts to increase academic engagement and high school graduation rates. ISA gives spectators a chance to engage with the arts and their community.

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