The best thing Jamie Kennedy's been a part of since Malibu's Most Wanted
The best thing Jamie Kennedy's been a part of since Malibu's Most Wanted

Is KDOC's Live New Year's Eve Shit Show Already the Best YouTube Clip of 2013?

Even though we're thankful that the whole Mayan apocalypse prediction turned out to be false, it's worth noting that not everyone escaped calamity in 2012. Judging by the viral footage from the local TV station's New Year's Eve live broadcast on Monday, it appears Channel 56 KDOC endured one of the most hilarious on-air train wrecks ever broadcasted. Rarely do we get to see a TV station try so hard at something and fail so epically. With hopelessly confused hosts Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone at the helm of the show, an endless barrage of technical difficulties, F-Bombs, pot-fueled performances and fights were probably enough to cause the FCC to implode by the time the clock struck midnight.

Here's a statement from YouTube user BlackDudeWhiteChick, who actually put together the highlight reel of what went down on that fateful evening:

"On 12/31/2012, KDOC in LA aired a LIVE (NO DELAY) New Year's Eve show. ALL of the F-bombs, audio and video glitches, awkward pauses and drunk teleprompter mimics are 100% how the show aired. No tape doctoring necessary. Enjoy what probably is the last time KDOC will ever do anything live ever again. OH, and the best part...the info said "Featuring Mario Lopez, Eva Longoria, Joey Lawrence and Jennifer Love Hewitt". NONE of them showed up and instead they filled 90 minutes with Jamie Kennedy, a clearly high Macy Gray, and Bone Thugs N' Harmony who didn't get the memo not to curse. ENJOY."

In the days since the debacle, comic Patton Oswalt and others used Twitter to turn a show that was probably only watched by about 20 people into a viral sensation that is already becoming the talk of 2013. In a tweet yesterday, Oswalt pretty much summed up the on-air tragedy: "Sweet. Jesus. KDOC Channel 56's live 2012 New Year's Eve broadcast. Does ANYONE have the full show? I am speechless."

As a matter of fact, so are we, which is why it's probably better to just show you what will probably be the Number 1 YouTube clip of 2013.

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