Irvine Gamer Gal Sets Guinness World Record in 'Guitar Hero'

Irvine Gamer Gal Sets Guinness World Record in 'Guitar Hero'
Guinness World Records

Gamers, meet your dream woman. The fast-fingered Annie Leung of Irvine set the female world record for a single track on Guitar Hero III, racking up 789,349 points on the expert level of "Through the Fire and Flames" by the band DragonForce. The September 2010 achievement is documented in the Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer's Edition, which hit store shelves this month.

Video after the jump.

Leung, whose nickname is Ecstacy, grew up in the Bay Area and graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in environmental economics and policy. She began playing video games as a kid but didn't take the hobby seriously until 2004, when she got hooked on Unreal Tournament.

For the unfamiliar, Guitar Hero has players "strum" and hit chords on a toy guitar, letting them feel like rock stars without having to quit their day jobs and end up in rehab.

Here's a video of Leung produced by Guinness World Records. Apparently, she wears a minidress and over-the-knee boots when she plays. 

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