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Interpol Releases (Free!) New Song, "Lights"

Ah, Interpol, we've missed you. The last we heard from the New York City foursome, they were announcing that a new album was in the works. Drummer Sam Fogarino told Paste in November 2009 that the album, their fourth full-length, will be returning to the sound of Turn on the Bright Lights. So yes, even Interpol has acknowledged that their last album wasn't so Interpol-like, with Fogarino chalking it up to the band's lack of cohesiveness at that moment.

Though it's been kinda quiet in the Interpol world lately (with a few side solo projects here and there), there is some good news: Interpol has released a new track, "Lights"--and it's freeee!

The following e-mail showed up in my in-box today:

Hello everyone.
We're stirring.
Please take a moment to visit our website:
We want to show you something.
And make sure you come back soon.
We will be posting important information and dates in the coming weeks.

Thank you.


So all you have to do is visit Interpol's official site, provide your birth date and e-mail address and the mp3 will be e-mailed to you.

Be warned, the song's what I'd call a "grower." There's your typically dark, fuzzy, Interpol-y riffs, but the first thing that came to mind when listening was Black Sabbath and "Electric Funeral." No, seriously:

Anyway, I'm not blown away--though it's enough of a taste to want s'more. And s'more I want indeed.

Now, let's take a moment to reminisce:


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