Interpol + David Lynch: Top Five Director and Band Collaborations

Last week Interpol revealed a collaboration with David Lynch, brought about by their being Twin Peaks fan boys, among other things. Interpol were working with various visual artists on developing a stage show for this year's Coachella, and thought Lynch could be the perfect contributor.

We told him our ideas and what we were up to, and he volunteered he had a little character that perhaps we'd find interesting. "I Touch A Red Button Man," was his name. He was literally just a sketch on a sheet of paper.

Interpol sent Lynch the song  "Lights;" the result--not a music video, but an "animation of his character that Lynch allowed Interpol to show.

After the jump, a few more interesting collaborations by artists and directors.

Band: Modest Mouse
Song: "King Rat"
Director: Heath Ledger, featuring animation by Terry Gilliam

Conceptualized on an actual boat and made before Ledger's untimely passing. the song and video go hand in hand. More actors should direct music videos for bands featuring legendary guitarists, that include  artwork by movie directors. It's a brilliant concept, like John Mayer doing stand-up. Kind of like that, but kind of not.

Artist: Bjork
Song: "Bachelorette"
Director: Michel Gondry

Some may say Michel Gondry was a video director before a filmmaker, but he's proven  brilliance in both, so let's just call him a master visual artist. But this has to be my favorite. Bjork's lungs sprinkled on top of this visual cinema nugget just takes the cake.

Artist: The Killers
Song: "Bones"
Director: Tim Burton

Before all the good indie lead singers were going on hiatus to make sub-par solo records, this video was made. The Killers second album Sam's Town was Brandon Flowers Pinkerton attempt, where he tried digging deeper lyrically and making his voice sound more vulnerable to emphasize the essence of his soul. Besides Tim Burton's signature vision here, the video also features two hot points worth mentioning and swooning over:

Hot Fuss #1: Devon Aoki 

Hot Fuss #2: Brandon Flowers mustache ( such a damn handsome stache! )

Artist: The White Stripes
Song: "I Just Don't Know What to do With Myself"
Director: Sophia Coppola

The video features Kate Moss trying to dance on a pole like a stripper. But not a professional stripper. More like the veteran stripper who's given up on stripping to pay her college debt, and just does it for the complimentary bean and cheese burrito and sugar free Redbulls fully stocked in the breakroom, and the local alcaloide blanco. It's brilliant because Kate Moss doesn't try to perfect the pole, and Sophia Coppola doesn't just try to pick her best valiant efforts. She pretty much just captures Kate in all her frail, slightly drugged, blase awkward glory. Filmed to capture the attention of a one young Pete Doherty's eyes like an onion red parachute flare from a deserted island to a passing helicopter. Or to simply connect to Jack White's ranting of a girl who just doesn't know what to do with herself.

Artist: The Pharcyde
Song: "Drop"
Director: Spike Jonze

Before Coldplay did "The Scientist," and all the other backwards videos that "takes it back to the start" that followed, Spike Jonze made "Drop" for The Pharcyde. It's quite random and its movements are sporadic, but this video is utterly brilliant. The Pharcyde had to learn how to rap backwards before the shoot as well. Imagine that. Look out for the cameo from the king, Ad-Rock from the Beastie Boys.


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