Incoming: The Pixies at the Hollywood Palladium

Incoming: The Pixies at the Hollywood Palladium

Yeah, it's in Hollywood, but so what? The goddamn Pixies are playing again and that's big enough news to report on.

Everyone's favorite underrated '80s'/90s-band-that-became-everyone's-favorite-00s band is hitting the road to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Doolittle, a 1989 record that included the songs "Debaser," "Wave of Mutilation," "Here Comes Your Man," "Hey," "Gouge Away" and "Monkey Gone to Heaven."

The group is claiming that they will also incorporate B-sides and whatnot from that era as well.

I'm no fan of the band reunion, but I will admit that I saw the Pixies three times during their recent tours and they were pretty damn good each time. The first time I saw them was at the Glass House for one-a-them secret day-before Coachella shows. I stood out front for a few hours hoping to buy a scalped ticket. Twenty minutes before they went on, I ponied up forty bucks and I was in.

The second was at the Greek Theatre and the third at Irvine's Corporate Sponsored Outdoor Venue. The band got tighter and the set's longer for each show. By the end of the Irvine gig, I felt like I heard every song I'd ever want to hear the Pixies perform. It took three shows, but I got what I needed.

The thing that jumped out at me most during that show -- and the subsequent two -- was how much of an impact guitarist Joey Santiago has on the music. On the record, his space-age playing is there, but it blends perhaps too well. Live, he's a freakin' beast and transforms Black Francis' kooky pop songs into hard-rocking fist-pumpers.

My point? Whenever I see a band during a reunion, rarely do I get the sense that I am seeing the actual band. Instead, it feels like a facsimile of what was once a great musical outfit. The Pixies are in the minority: all three times I saw them felt like the real deal.

The show takes place Nov. 4 at the newly revamped Palladium.


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