The Big Pink, lovin' life.
The Big Pink, lovin' life.
Tom Beard

Incoming: The Big Pink, Le Loup at Detroit Bar

If you're not still reeling from the OMG TOTALLY SHOCKING AND CONTROVERSIAL MTV Video Music Awards (that Kanye West, will he ever learn?), you might be pleased to hear about some neato shows coming our way in the near future, featuring bands that may not be featured on nationally televised award shows but are pretty cool nonetheless.

Le Loup might use a French article right in their band name, but they're from the good ol' USA, not the home of Phoenix and escargot (sorry to disappoint). Washington DC, specifically, and they wound up on the Hardly Art label, headed up by Sub Pop founder Jonathan Poneman. Cred-tastic! The vitally important geographical information here, though, is the fact that they'll be in Costa Mesa for a show at Detroit Bar on October 29, only two days before H-ween. Nurses--the band, not the early '90s Empty Nest spinoff--open things up. $10, tickets on sale now.

Also Detroit Bar-bound are UK electro duo the Big Pink, pictured. You know how bands can become huge over there before even releasing an album? Count the Big Pink in that category; they've already won the best new act award at the "NME Shockwave Awards," even though their debut full-length, A Brief History of Love, is just coming out across the pond today (and next week here in the states). That such a buzzy British act is coming our way is suitably exciting, and what's more is that support will be provided from a similarly buzzy act from much closer to home: Crystal Antlers. (Surely you know the drill with them by now, right?) That's November 20, $12, on sale now.


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