Incoming: Sunny Day Real Estate

If you call yourself emo and don't know Sunny Day Real Estate, then it's time to learn your history. The foursome -- singer/guitarist Jeremy Enigk, guitarist Dan Hoerner, bassist Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith -- helped create the template for dudes with loud guitars to play music that shunned anger and welcomed sadness.

The orginial quartet broke up in 1998, but Enigk, Hoerner and Goldsmith reunited a few times with a couple of different bassists once Mendel joined this little group called the Foo Fighters (Goldsmith was also in Foos in the early days).

But the show at the House of Blues on Oct. 10 is the og foursome and is part of a month-long national tour the emo pioneers are embarking on beginning Sept. 17 in Vancouver. Rumor has it the band will focus on material from the Mendel era, which includes the unfuckwithable Diary and the untitled follow-up that kids who used to hang out at Koo's or the Huntington Beach Library used to call The Pink Album or LP2.

Both discs are being re-issued by Sub Pop two days before the tour begins. Tickets for the October show go on sale Saturday. 


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