Incoming: Sage Francis, B. Dolan and Free Moral Agents at the Glass House, June 9

B. Dolan and Sage'd you like to be staring at this from the front row?
B. Dolan and Sage'd you like to be staring at this from the front row?

Rapping politicos 

Sage Francis


B. Dolan

 have a lot in common. They're both from Rhode Island--one of (if not the most) pissed off states in the Union. They both spit wickedly educational flows. They co-founded corporate watchdog site

 together in 2005.They both cherish their facial hair. As a matter of fact, kinda look like brothers (or more specifically, the Bushwhackers from the days of the WWF). 

And next week, they'll be tag-teaming your eardrums as they bring the pain--and the rhymes--to the Glass House for their L(I)FE on the Road Tour featuring Long Beach's Free Moral Agents. 

These days, Francis and Dolan are busy bustng out ace material from their new solo releases on Francis' Strange Famous Records--L(I)FE and Fallen House, Sunken City respectively. To make the deal even sweeter, FMA (featuring keyboardist/brainchild Ikey Owens of the Mars Volta) are traveling as the house band, cranking out funky and atmospheric jams while Francis unleashes vivid stories of troubled childhood, searching for true love, corporate greed, youthful angst, crack pipes, etc. 

So what else can you expect when the tour rolls through Pomona next Wednesday? Well, we don't like to predict the moves of these wild card rappers, but here's some videos from the tour so far that should give you a clue. 

B. Dolan


  Sage Francis and Free Moral Agents

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