Incoming: Posse on Broadway (Round 2) in Downtown Santa Ana, July 17

Incoming: Posse on Broadway (Round 2) in Downtown Santa Ana, July 17

Following a successful first run on the streets of Downtown Santa Ana, this year's Posse on Broadway summer block party is preparing for round 2. Unlike most sequels, this rousing weekend block party definitely stacks up to the first one--and then some. 

Abandoned Pools

 (pictured) and the 


are both set to perform. And it all goes down on July 17.

At its epicenter on the 2nd St. promenade, POB seeks to raise its profile and hopefully crowd the streets again with live performances by prolific indie rock space cadet Tommy Walter (performing under his moniker Abandoned Pools--you might also recognize him as founding member of the Eels). The energy and angular beats continue with local OC Music Award nominees the Colourist. Of course, POB veterans know that live performances are just one piece to the puzzle that allows Santa Ana's gentrified artist district to shine during this shindig. With some collaboration between nightlife staples like Proof Bar, the Crosby, the Gypsy Den, and restaurants including Memphis and Lola Gaspar, this event carries the promise of drink specials and crunk DJ sets galore. 

Sponsored by KCRW (89.9 FM), LA Record and OC Weekly, this event is also free of charge at all of these venues. So far, we've listed all the essentials needed form maximum enjoyment: free admission, cheap and tasty food and live music wedged into a couple short blocks.

And since they're so close together, it'll be a bit easier to walk enjoy your buzz responsibly as you make your way to one of the six neighboring venues at your disposal. The event starts July 17 at 7 p.m. with the live bands and goes until last call at the bars. Oh, and in case you thought you'd skip this and go to the next one, the final installment of POB happens Aug. 21. Don't make yourself wait that long to be a part of the posse.


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