Take that, non-smoking laws!
Take that, non-smoking laws!

Incoming: Jay-Z at Honda Center in Anaheim

Jay-Z has recently declared Auto-Tune dead via his (kind of awesome) new single "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune);" possibly a weird sentiment given his close association to noted Auto-Tune proponent Kanye West, but hey, it's Hova, man. You can't tell that guy what to do. He doesn't know how to sleep, he's gotta eat, stay on his toes. He's got a lot of beef, so logically, he preys on his foes.

What Jay-Z is also up to is coming to Anaheim, specifically the Honda Center on August 8. It's the Power 106 FM (that's where hip-hop lives, y'know) "Powerhouse '09" show, also including Pitbull (feat. Lil Jon!), Sean Paul, Flo Rida, Kid Cudi, LMFAO, Fareast Movement, Ya Boy, New Boyz (that's right, Ya Boy and New Boyz) and "special surprise guests." That's a lot of acts, so don't expect a full Jay-Z set, but hopefully they'll give the guy more than the usual 10-minute FM radio station festival slot.

Tickets are on sale this Wednesday at 10 a.m.; there's a pre-sale of some sorts starting tomorrow that you can find more about here.


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