In Print This Week: "Weird Al" Yankovic, Dry the River, Tini Grey, Ask Exene

In Print This Week: "Weird Al" Yankovic, Dry the River, Tini Grey, Ask Exene

[Editor's Note: Every Thursday, in addition to bombarding you with blog posts, this newspaper does something really crazy...we write a print version! Here's a taste of our top stories this week]

1) Our lead feature this week shines a spotlight on the pop culture parody enigma "Weird Al" Yankovic. Yes folks, not only is he still around but he's probably out-selling and out-touring a lot the artists he's clowned on during his three decades as the Messiah of accordion-driven comedy. He just rolled into the City National Grove of Anaheim yesterday for yet another stop in OC this year, and it's clear that the people out here still can't get enough. So eat it, haters.

2) Our second feature on Dry the River teaches us an important lesson: not all indie folk bands from England sound like Mumford and Sons. The shimmering, vivid lyrics and emotional pull of songs like "No Rest" exemplify the sound of the band, whose recent album Shallow Bed pairs storms of emotional guitar tones, tortured poetry and some reall trippy, kick-ass music videos. Catch them on Monday at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana.

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Our Locals Only

column highlights the music of a smiling, soulful

Long Beach

stalwart named

Tini Grey

. Aside from being an artist in residence at

Mai Tai Bar

in LBC, this upbeat singer-songwriter is passing down the island style chops of his father, famed Polynesian singer

Jerome Grey

. With a brand new album just released, Grey reflects on the musical upbringing that shaped his journey to becoming a musician, which was oddly against his father's wishes. Catch him tonight at Mai Tai Bar in Long Beach at 8 p.m.

4) The Ask Exene column gives advice to parents who catch their kid stealing. A parent fears looking like a hypocrite for disciplining his son for his sticky-fingered behavior. After all, he used to be a little thief too.

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