In Case You Missed It: Lady Gaga On Larry King Last Night

In Case You Missed It: Lady Gaga On Larry King Last Night

Lady Gaga doesn't do very many interviews with press (although this story in New York Magazine is killer) because she apparently wants to stay mysterious. But I guess Lady Gaga couldn't resist a chance to poke fun at the CNN institution. Here are the highlights of Lady Gaga's interview with Larry King last night:

  • Her mirror of Larry King's outfit was killer.
  • Gaga says she hopes the government will change the policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," like other archaic things.
  • She wants educators to be specific about civil rights, and make sure that people know they're not worth less than other human beings because of sexual orientation.

Read what she has to say about Michael Jackson and lupus, then watch the actual interview segments after the jump.

  • Lupus is in her family; it's genetic. She doesn't show any signs or symptoms of lupus, but she has gotten tested for it and says, "I just need to take care of myself."
  • She was asked to open for Michael Jackson's "This Is It" tour. "We were working on making it happen," she said. "There was talk of all the openers duet with Michael." The death of iconic people have led to her fascination with death.

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