Impressions of Lady Gaga: 'She's Weird and She Wants People to Buy Her Weird Music'

Impressions of Lady Gaga: 'She's Weird and She Wants People to Buy Her Weird Music'

It's been a Lady Gaga overload for the past year. She graced the cover of this week's Rolling Stone, and she's been featured in almost every blog almost every day for months. Frankly, I'm sick of reading about what eccentric outfit (meat dress, pregnant suit) she's sporting, what "little monster" she is helping, why her hit single "Born This Way" sounds like a distinct replica of Madonna's "Express Yourself" (which by the way, it does) and how "Judas" is the coolest video since MJ's "Thriller."

I may be in the minority, but I enjoy dissing the pop sensation at every chance possible. I don't particularly care for her music, and I don't understand why 

Born This Way 

has received such praise. However, I deeply enjoy watching children share the reactions about the pop icon. Trust me, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Kids aged from 5 to 14 commented about Gaga's attire and odd tendencies. The 9-year-old Elle said, "She was wearing this really weird outfit, which she apparently found in the garbage." They even asked why she was eating paper in her interview with David Letterman and the response was "because she's nuts." There you have it folks...she is completely nuts. The kids seem to like her music, but they all believe she wants to be famous for her outfits and persona. 10-year old Sloane (who, by the way, is an extremely articulate critic for his age) said, "You know, I've seen one [video] and I don't want to see the rest." I agree, Sloane. I agree.

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