Imperial Douchebags
Imperial Douchebags

Imperial Stars Plead No Contest For Traffic Jam Stunt

Two years after pissing off countless L.A. motorists with a publicity stunt that created a massive traffic jam on the 101 freeway, Garden Grove rap-rock band Imperial Stars pleaded no contest Monday to several charges, including conspiracy. They were each given probation sentences but no jail time. We're still convinced that the song itself was the most criminal part of this whole situation.

Band members Christopher Roy Wright, 34; David Paul Hale, 32; and Keith R. Yackey, 33--made an open plea before Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Norm Shapiro to felony conspiracy counts as well as misdemeanor charges of public nuisance and interfering with law enforcement. They were immediately sentenced to three months formal probation and 35 days of community service (freeway trash pick-up sounds appropriate, doesn't it?). Despite objections from prosecutors, the band members could each have their felony convictions reduced to misdemeanors in 18 months.

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It seemed like only yesterday, these wannabe rockstars were jamming the 101 freeway during morning rush hour on October 12, 2012. That morning, a panel truck with the band's logo on it parked horizontally across all but one lane of the southbound freeway at Sunset Blvd. The band's 15 minutes (20 minutes tops) of fame allowed the band to  jump on top of the truck to play their unimpressive, aptly-titled track "Traffic Jam 101." The truck driver fled with the keys while the band performed a concert atop the truck, complete with its own film crew. According to the L.A. Times, the traffic jam backed up all the way to the San Fernando Valley. The band was quickly swarmed by Los Angeles Police Department officers as well as California Highway Patrol and Fire Department personnel and the band were taken into custody. These days, it's unclear whether or not the band are still performing.

But if you're interested in reliving a few minutes of this dumb-ass stunt and terrible song (as far as we can tell, the band won't be playing it publicly again anytime soon), check out the videos below.

The stunt:

The song:
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