Ima Robot at House Of Blues

imarobot1.jpgIma Robot rocked the House Of Blues in Downtown Disney on Monday night. I would have loved to include some pictures of all the crazy and lovely people who showed up, but if any of you have ever been to Mickey's HOB, you know there's absolutely no cameras allowed, no way, no how. Unless of course you can get your shit together two days in advance and get the proper credentials, which of course I didn't.

Oh well, you can't fight the Mouse.

I always like to get to shows not more than an hour after the doors open. That way I can be sure to catch the opening acts, because sometimes those little diamonds in the rough shine brighter than the headliners. Its damn near impossible to upstage Ima Robot, but all three of the opening acts gave it a really good try. Hairbrain Scheme got the crowd warmed up playing an electronic set in full body metallic jumpsuits. Tiger City brought back the '70s porn vibe with tight three piece suits and soprano vocals, and Los Abandoned's frontwoman thrashed and gyrated through their set in a really hideous ice skating leotard. Funny, all three opening bands left more of an impression visually than audibly, all that sparkle and sequins kind of outshone the music.

Right around 11 p.m. Ima Robot took the stage and what felt like thousands of androgenously dressed young adults crammed into each other in front of the stage. And I was squished right in the middle. If you've ever heard Ima Robot, it's hard to imagine a mosh pit forming to their digital, gender-bending glam but it happened. Oh, I used to love all those people thrashing violently around the teenage version of myself, which involved nasty purple hair dye and ridiculous facial piercings. Not so much these days, especially when my foot was stomped, no- crushed, inside my very expensive black flats and I was just as worried about my precious shoes as my broken foot bones (both are OK, if you're wondering).

But Ima Robot was amazing. They played equal parts of new stuff to old stuff, and paused between songs to talk shit on the establishment (a broad statement), and to assure their fans that Ima Robot doesn't give a flying fuck about...actually, they never really said. Whatever. They were entertaining as all hell, and I danced danced danced the night away, far away from the pit of course.


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