I'm On A Boat Fest: A Hilarious YouTube Review

I'm On A Boat Fest: A Hilarious YouTube Review

We don't normally get sent music reviews in YouTube form that make us wish we were there, but this YouTube video of the I'm On a Boat Festival at the Queen Mary on Friday by fan Tawny Yoder has classic shots of Extreme Turbo Smash (in costume!), Death By Stereo (shut down by the boat!) and Street Drum Corps (with guest drummer Adrian Young). It looked like a riot. Wish we were there.

Yoder, 27, says she goes to shows all the time but just started making video blogs this year. She and her sister (who is also in the video) write, make all their costumes, and edit the video blogs themselves. Here's why she does it: "I love everything--music festivals, concerts, the Renaissance Faire! I especially love interviewing people." But the real goal is altruistic: "[It's] to help motivate and send a positive message to people and show audiences there's more in this world then feeling sorry for yourself!" There's something to be said, after all, about helping "bands, artists, and [regular] people market themselves" along with marketing your own blog, Yoder says.

What's next, then? "Next Saturday I'm going to Beyond Wonderland," she adds. If you see her, say hi!

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