Iggy Pop Goes Jazz with latest album Preliminaires

Okay, I know most of you who have pirated this album already or happen to live in France are aware that Poppa Iggy's latest sonic effort has been swirling around internationally for a solid three weeks now. Good for you. For the rest of us, the jazz-slathered textures of Preliminaires just came out today on Astralwerks/Virgin Records. And before going any further, I invite you take take a look at the video below wherein Pop articulates, with an obvious burst of energy, the motives and inspiration that leads his musical legacy into uncharted territories. Go on, take a look and get back to me.....I'll wait.

Wow, that was informative right? Not to mention an eye opening confirmation of one major universal truth: We all get old...even Iggy Pop. The average Stooges disciple may look upon their golden-locked lead singer's new-found distaste for "idiot thugs beating on guitars" with confusion. Not to mention the little white dog he holds up in the middle of the video. And what's that? He reads FRENCH literature now? But really, after four decades of riding bareback on the charging steed of self-destruction, don't you think anyone could use a break?

Yes, it's a fact, people do change. And in this case, the sound of lilting brass and jangly pianos on songs like "King of the Dogs" are more than welcome in my book. Even in it's overtly jazzy tendencies, it's still not entirely off the map of some of his earlier work. But it's not something you're used to hearing an entire album of from him (which clocks in at just over 36 minutes) It's essence occupies a funky space between Jelly Roll Morton and early Tom Waits topped off with some serious bass vocals coming from Pop's wiry frame. It might take a bit of time for your ears to calibrate to the punk icon's new era of musical inspiration, but if it helps, he's still playing his concerts shirtless.

More live footage after the JUMP 

"King of the Dogs" "I Want To Go To the Beach" ...Wudda ya think?


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