Icelandic Volcano Kills Several Coachella Performances

Coachella dwellers won't be seeing the Cribs today after all
Coachella dwellers won't be seeing the Cribs today after all
Andrew Youssef

​It looks like Thursday's Icelandic volcano eruption is causing a few of Coachella's European acts to cancel their performances. Bummer.

In the last several hours it's been reported that Scottish band, UK rockers the Cribs (scheduled to play today), Bad Lieutenant and Frightened Rabbit (both scheduled for tomorrow) have experienced flight cancellations due to the dangerous amounts of volcanic ash in the air, preventing them from getting to the festival in time for their sets.

Not only is it a shitty break for the fans, but especially for a band like Frightened Rabbit---they had planned to kick off their North American tour in support of their new album The Winter Of Mixed Drinks in Indio. The official tour will start on Monday, April 19, in Tempe, Arizona. 

On the bright side, Muse, Gorillaz, Thom Yorke, Florence and the Machine, Little Boots, the Specials, La Roux and Erol Alkan performances are still going on as scheduled.

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