I Ain't Tha One

I work with this girl. I'll call her Mandy. Two days ago, Mandy was telling me some story about a dude she went to Sizzler with. When she told him there was nothing between them, he broke down in the parking lot.

Apparently, homeboy didn't have enough paper for Mandy's tastes.

My co-worker began telling me how she needs a man with cash to buy her stuff. She rattled off all sorts of brand names that she wanted and I failed to recognize any of them. Just so I could add something more than "uh huh" to our conversation, I explained how any female looking at me for money was barking up the wrong tree (ladies, not only do I have a girlfriend, I'm broke). To further explain my point, I dropped a prime Ice Cube rhyme from "I Ain't Tha One."

"You want lobster/ha/I'm thinking Burger King."

Mandy, 22, had no clue what I was referencing. I don't suppose anyone going to know that line or any other N.W.A/Ice Cube rhyme, but Mandy is a rapper.


What is this world coming to? Have I become the old man I swore I'd never be? Is N.W.A not cool with the kids?


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