Hurley from Lost's Top Five Island Songs
Bethany Shady

Hurley from Lost's Top Five Island Songs

Jorge Garcia, the San Juan Capistrano kid who grew up to be the affable Hugo "Hurley" Reyes on the hit show Lost, is leaving the island and returning to his roots in California, but he'll be keeping the aloha close to his heart with his top five island songs. -- as told to partner Bethany Shady, who co-writes Geronimo Jack's Beard with Garcia.

(Garcia and a few members of the Lost cast will be at "Lost Live: The Final Celebration" on Thursday, May 13. Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino will conduct a live orchestral performance featuring music from the TV show  at UCLA's Royce Hall  to celebrate the upcoming series finale. A special preview of the final episode will be screened immediately after the concert. -- Ed.)

1. "The Theme from Endless Summer," The Sandals

"Great to listen to while driving around the coast of Oahu on the way to a long day of work on the north shore."


2. "Back to the Island," Leon Russell

"Leon at his best,


what Jack screamed to Kate. 'We have to go baaaaack!'"

3. "Beyond the Reef," Lei Momi with the 49th State Hawaiians -

"You can't live in Hawaii and not love it. It's a classic."

(Editor's note: We can't actually find a YouTube clip to go with this song, so here's an Elvis Presley version.)

4. "Cheri," Peter Moon Band
"The first song I heard on the radio when I arrived in Hawaii at the beginning of Lost."
(Editor's note: Again, we can't find this exact version on Youtube, so here's an acceptable cover.) 


5. "Maori Brown Eyes," Sonny Chillingworth

"So simple, just guitar and voice, but such a moving piece."


Editor's note: By now I suppose you know the drill -- it's not on Youtube! Here's another acceptable cover.)
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