How to Score Coachella Tickets, Even Though It's Been Sold Out For Months

How to Score Coachella Tickets, Even Though It's Been Sold Out For Months
Vickie Chang

If you missed your chance to buy Coachella tickets for the six days in January they were on sale, you're in luck. This late in the game, we found a couple of ways to score tickets. Price tag? From free to $975+++!

1. Buy VIP passes from Gilt City. The online site (touted as a high-end version of Groupon) is selling three-day VIP passes starting at $975. When you think about it, that's only THRICE as expensive as the original ticket, and you get these perks: access to the VIP area, access to the House of Hype party, limo service shuttling you back and forth, and a 10-track digital download.

We did the math: If you watch 10 bands a day (the most feasible number), you'd be paying $30 per act. That's like waiting for every band you like to go on tour and watching them individually.

2. Find someone who lives in Indio, and hijack their address. We heard that the city of Indio is offering its residents the chance to win 10 tickets each to both Coachella and Stagecoach. Register online at, or stop in at City Hall to fill out a registration form--the final day to enter is April 10, and the drawing for the free tickets will held on April 11. Proof of residency will be required when you pick up tickets; you can always say you just moved there!

3. Stubhub. We wouldn't advise you go by way of Craigslist (having been scammed before), but Stubhub is a pretty reliable reseller, and they have 875 left. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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