How to Mess With a Plagiarist: A Lesson for Troy Holm from Doug Stanhope

How to Mess With a Plagiarist: A Lesson for Troy Holm from Doug Stanhope

I am pretty sure a lesson that was drilled into our heads as kids is that it's bad to steal. Whether you are stealing a car, some money, or heaven forbid someone's school work, it's just wrong. Actually, stealing has been frowned upon since biblical times as it is even listed as one of the Ten Commandments. Someone should have told Troy Holm that.

Who is Troy Holm, you ask? Well over the last 48 hours Troy Holm has become a social spectacle being treated to a well-deserved bashing by the fans of beloved comic Doug Stanhope. You see, Troy has made numerous pages (Twitter, a blog, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.) of his "writing" which is actually brilliant comic Doug Stanhope's material. What kind of a douche would steal the work of a comic that is loved world-wide? A stupid one. A really, really stupid one. Lucky for us, Doug Stanhope put his loyal fans onto the scam that is Troy Holm, which subsequently shut down all of Troy's pages, and now he has some shit to say...

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): First and foremost, you have created quite an awesome cyber beat down. I follow you on Twitter and I noticed last night that you posted this Troy guys blog but I had no idea it would turn into this shit storm!

Doug Stanhope: [Laughs.] I didn't even see all of it! I just saw that he was taking a handful of my bits verbatim. I mean, he was even putting my "pauses" in there! He didn't even try to make it his own! Then I went back and I noticed in comments he was using my bits as a conversation talking back to people! And he had all of these pictures of him and his "hot chicks" and all of these pictures at Hooters. He's a douche.

It's funny that you telling the fans to look at this blog then turned into a Facebook page called "Occupy Troy Holm" that is dedicated to ripping him a new ass. It's classic.

That just goes on and on! I looked at it and then went back later to check out comments and it was just pages buried!

It's so brutal and so funny. You have to be a little bit happy that he's taken everything down. His Facebook, Twitter, blog...all of that is gone!

It's beautiful! He'll probably not allow comments on his YouTube now, because I heard he has one. I had some shit to do so I missed out all afternoon. Someone was saying that in his videos that he was boxing and his friends were having him swallow a bunch of cinnamon or something. [Laughs.] When your friends are talking you into eating cinnamon just to see if you can do it, you're just a guy who is around for their amusement. You're "that guy."

How great does it feel to have all of these fans holding you down?

Yeah! [Laughs.] I wish I had somewhere better to place guide them! I'll screw this up factually but, I believe in regards to Troy that it's alleged that he started the crusades in part because his army was so bored that they were turning on each other. I think that has proven true with my fans. There is so much in fighting so I think the same rules apply. I think the army is getting restless and they need a target. That's my job. I'm going to have to find more targets. Harder targets! In these two days without a cigarette, a cocktail, or a Xanax I'm just trying to get a little R&R and my nerves were frayed. I needed a guy like that to hate.

So his timing is way off but he had perfect timing! I also read that he was stealing stuff from Dave Attell and Joe Rogan too...

Yeah, I definitely saw Dave Attell on his Twitter and there was definitely some Rogan on there too. The thing is when he was stealing my shit it wasn't like he took a joke or did one of my bits and credited me for it, he was stealing my persona. He's talking about stuff like these are his tales. Like the DMT story with Joe Rogan, he put it as it was him and Brett Rogan. Or the time I got rolled by a transvestite hooker, he put it out verbatim except he changes it from Phoenix to L.A. and Vegas. And he changes Mat Becker to Dan! Then he's promoting it on Twitter! I think he's trying to become the new Tucker Max because he was using words that I remember were "buzzwords" of that fucking easy shit. He was promoting on Twitter like, "come to my blog it's the true exploits of my drug and sexual escapades!" When I read his blog and some of his earlier stuff before he started stealing my stuff he'd wrote, "I'll have more stories out pretty soon!" [Laughs.] It's because he didn't even have any stories ever!

Besides the fans, any other ways you've been getting back at this tool?

I started posting at the bars he says he's a regular at like, "watch out for this guy!" Then I e-mailed his cousin that was listed under family on Facebook and I go, "Your cousin is a thief! All of his writing is my writing that he's plagiarized and changed the names. I just thought you should know that I'm assuming he's a big disappointment to the family!" I even e-mailed one of his most recent add's and told her, "You better watch out for this guy. Be really, really careful!" [Laughs.] I didn't want to be libelous.

I am guessing you haven't gotten a reply...although I wish you would.

[Laughs.] The biggest rub of this whole fucking thing is that nowhere on any of his sites said he was a fan of mine! Not that he'd give me credit but he didn't "like" my Facebook page and he's not on my mailing list for my website. It's like he stole my all of my shit and isn't even a fan! It's like having a stalker with the wrong number!

Haaa wow!! So what is the message you would like to give Troy since he's a total puss and shut down all of his sites?

Well, I harbor no ill will but I can't say that my fans will back off any time soon! [Laughs.] I'm not the most internet savvy guy so I just save them for these pseudo anonymous purposes.

Notable Quotes from the "Occupy Troy Holm" Facebook page.

Doug Stanhope: OC Weekly just called very impressed with the loyalty & savagery of my fans re: Troy Holm stealing me blind. He's disappeared but my fans haven't.
Frank Barbera: Troy Holm wrote Schindler's list. Not the movie, the actual list.
Gavin Huber: Please God take Troy and give us Bill, Carlin, or Patrice back.
Steve Mickle: This is the most fun I've had on Facebook in a while.. Stanhope for President!

Follow Doug on Twitter @DougStanhope and join the movement on Facebook so everyone is clear, it's not cool to steal. Lesson learned!


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