How Local DJ SAY MY NAME Got Handpicked to Perform at EDC

How Local DJ SAY MY NAME Got Handpicked to Perform at EDC

By: Rishabh Bhavnani Imagine going from being a virtually unknown local DJ making beats in your bedroom to performing in front of thousands at EDC all within the span of a month. That's basically what happened to Dayvid Sherman, a Chapman University senior better known (well, maybe not quite yet) as SAY MY NAME, winner of an worldwide talent scouting contest called the EDC Discovery Project, hosted by Insomniac. Entries for EDC contest were submitted last month via Mixcloud. Once the mixes were sent in, if they get the right amount of response and traction online, the DJ who put it together will play at the EDC Discovery Stage in Vegas. SAY MY NAME, the winner of the competition, will be performing on Sunday at 3am.

SAY MY NAME sports a unique, emerging style of production known as trapstyle-- conjuring dark, up-tempo trap progressions with a slick dose of some hardstyle untz. Dayvid's trapstyle productions first gained popularity with his remixes of Showtek, The R3bels. He has performed at various events at Chapman University and opened for Carnage at Ten Nightclub in Newport. He is also a huge fan of bacon, something that he incorporates in his everyday musical production diet. We sat down with SAY MY NAME to loop us into his life, leading up to his set this Sunday.

OC Weekly (Rishabh Bhavnani): How did you prepare your submission for the Discovery Project? What were some of the tracks that really stood out to you? I gathered tracks that I have played out in my recent shows and for a couple of days prior to submission I pick and chose the ones I felt would really hit hard live at EDC. My favorite tracks in the mix were "Pegboard Nerds-Self Destruct", "Knife Party-Suffer", "Eptic-Oh Snap!(Ian Munro Remix), and my own original "PEWPEWPEW"

Do you generally spin on the fly or have an outline for a set in mind when you play a show? I generally have an idea of songs I will play out, however my sets always changed depending on what the crowd is feeling that night. I eventually go with the flow about 30 minutes into the set.

What should we expect at your set at EDC? Any new material that you're about to release? Expect bacon, and music that will make you dance the night away! I will be looking to play new unreleased songs from local producers to support them and some of my favorites.

You produce what you call, trapstyle, what drew you towards hardstyle? With Q-dance events being announced in North America, how do you think this fits for emerging hardstyle producers? I have been a huge fan of hardstyle for a few years now, and felt that trap and those familiar European sounds go together perfect! Flosstradamus and Carnage did a few of these trap/hardstyle crossovers and I wanted to join in and continue where they left off but even harder. This is great for hardstyle producers, especially out of the United States to give them a chance to play this amazing sound over here and spread the movement.

Listen to SAY MY NAME's original track "PEWPEWPEW":

You're going to be a senior at Chapman University this fall. How do you balance out your time between school and music production? Have you had a lot of support from your peers? I always put school first and finish all of my homework by day, go to work and all and start my music late at night around midnight. I prefer working late at night into the morning; however if I have an early class the next day I have to stop by a certain time to have some sleep. I have had a lot of support from the Chapman student body since freshman year. I have been able to dj at some of the formals, and venue parties hosted by various social groups on campus.

We're aware of your love for bacon. Could you share three of your favorite bacon based recipes with us? I like to keep it simple with a bacon and egg sandwich.

What are your future plans? I hope to make dj'ing a full time career, and travel the world professionally performing at massive festivals and prestigious clubs. One of my goals is to host events to raise money for ASPCA to contribute to their efforts to stopping animal cruelty.

Could you share with us some of the experiences you gained that has helped redefine your sound? I have learned that having your own sound and image in this industry were so many artist are alike is essential. Before I launched SAYMYNAME! I struggled with finding my own brand, but eventually established my own identity, which has helped my career so far.

Check out SAY MY NAME's exclusive pre-EDC mix below.

SAYMYNAME's HARDER THAN BACON[Hardstyle Trap Minimix] by Saymyname on Mixcloud

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