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Photo by Jeanne RiceClub 369, the OC rock club where bands such as Korn and Lit cut their teeth before rising to national fame, will close its doors early in the new year and reopen soon after in a new location.

The club's lease was sold to a group that plans to turn the Fullerton building into a Latin-music bar. According to 369 owner Greg (who prefers his last name not be used), plans are afoot to reopen the club elsewhere in Fullerton, possibly under another name, soon after the lease transfers. Greg says he hopes to make the new venue an all-ages or 18-and-over room, or perhaps both.

Greg also says that club booker Randy Cash (who couldn't be reached for comment at press time) will continue to book bands at the new location. "All the bands trust him and have a very loyal relationship with him," says Greg.

On the surface, the move would seem a good one. OC's live-music scene has never been livelier, and the addition of another well-run all-ages venue in the county would only sweeten the mix—as well as serve as another reminder of just how far the scene has come since the days of police crackdowns and here-today-gone-tomorrow venues of the '80s and early '90s.

Upcoming Events

The room opened as Club 369 (the number references its maximum capacity) in 1994 after a long stint as another nightclub, Goodies. Chiefly through Cash's efforts and contacts, Club 369 has gained a reputation as a place where local bands can gain a foothold in the larger music industry. A number of acts, such as Zebrahead, have gone on to sign album deals with major record labels.

One of those bands, "a major act" that Greg wouldn't name, plans on re-routing its tour to play a final-night bash at the club's current locale, he says. A specific date for the event has yet to be announced.

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