Hott MT Video Featuring Wayne Coyne Now on the Interwebz!

Hott MT Video Featuring Wayne Coyne Now on the Interwebz!

Ahoy! Hott Mt's song featuring Wayne Coyne has surfaced on the interwebs! It's even more spectacular than we thought.

The local OC band that traveled all the way to Oklahoma City just over a week ago to barge in on The Flaming Lips front man (and give him their album as a birthday present) didn't keep us waiting long before unleashing their sure-to-be-a-hit music video.

"Never Hate Again," featuring Coyne, was posted on Delo Creative's YouTube channel, Saturday. (Delo Creative is the production company responsible for many Flaming Lips YouTube videos.) In the short time "Never Hate Again" has been living in cyber space, it has already received nearly three thousand hits and a slew of comments. One YouTube commenter wrote, "Retardedly good. I love you guys."

The "Never Hate Again" video touches on the whole story of how the song/video came about--"these guys were either going to kill me or record with me," Coyne had said, and the lyrics reflect that; Coyne sings, "Why have you come for me, is it your destiny?" while Ashleigh Allard, lead singer of Hott Mt, cradling a vulnerable Wayne Coyne while holding a gun, singing, "Kill or you kill me."

All the while, members Adam Ashe and Nick Logie dance in the background. Nothing short of something that would be expected out of Coyne or the indie couch surfers we've come to love. Check out the band's Twitter page that's currently being flooded with love from supporters across the nation.

The catchiness, yet freshness of "Never Hate Again" has struck a nerve in the world of artsy music. More Thai-gaze, please! Hopefully this is just one song of many that we can expect from collaborators Hott Mt and Wayne Coyne.

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