Hooray for Advertising! The Shys in 'Adventureland' TV Commercial

The latest wacky coming-of-age comedy is Adventureland, and it's coming out this Friday. It doesn't necessarily look like anything too special (kid gets a goofy job! meets the girl of his dreams! who would guess! some sight gags in between!), but it does have a few things going for it: Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig, the undeniable hunkiness of Ryan Reynolds, and, though the movie takes place in 1987, the song "Call In The Cavalry" by our very own the Shys in one of the TV spots. Hey, here it is!

It's not the first time the Hives-esque "Call in the Cavalry," from their 2006 debut Astoria, was featured on TV; it was also in an episode of Entourage. I think it was the one where it seemed like things momentarily weren't going to go Vince and E's way but then they did at the end. Phew! Also, Arti cursed and Drama and Turtle did something silly. Those guys!


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