Kathuria (left) and Gig Boss, the minds behind MuzaicEXPAND
Kathuria (left) and Gig Boss, the minds behind Muzaic
Courtesy of Vinay Kathuria and Gig Boss

Muzaic Offers Online Match Making For Local Bands and Promoters

It's only a matter of time before the culture of swipe-right romance invades the music world. Last year, the Pew Research Center released a study that said 15 percent of people in the U.S. have used online or mobile dating platforms to hook up, start a relationship or get married (and that's just the people who admitted it). When it comes to pairing a band with a promoter, it'd be nice if finding the right match were that easy. Making the wrong move can feel like a Tinder date from hell—one party is totally into promoting the gig while the other could care less. The expectations of a great show are quickly dashed when you realize only five people showed up.

That's where Muzaic comes in. Launched by a developer in Irvine, the site is essentially a speed-dating platform for bands and promoters looking to hook up for gigs throughout SoCal. Using a list of customizable criteria and a matching algorithm based on your profile (forgive us for sounding like the eHarmony guy), you will be able to find a show and a promoter/band that fits your need for a gig any night of the week. The best part? It's free to sign up!

Muzaic creator Vinay Kathuria, who is also a musician, had been waiting for just such a professional tool, so he finally built it himself. "The idea was to use technology to find what would be the best combination for both the promoter and the artist," he says. "It sounds obvious, but it was surprising to me when I started exploring this idea and doing the research on it that nobody had done it."

When a promoter creates a show using their profile, they fill in info on the site for their event and the type of bands they're looking for in terms of style, draw, region and compensation. "Every promoter has their own criteria on what makes a show successful, so we're giving the ability to customize the results they're gonna get," Kathuria says.

The site asks promoters to rate the importance of criteria for the different stats associated with the bands they pick. How important is it for the band to bring their own fans? Does it matter what style of band it is? How many presale tickets can they sell? Once a promoter posts an ad for a show, artists, who have their own profiles and criteria for what they're looking for, will be recommended. The info is also listed in a database that's searchable by artists looking for gigs. Both sides can pick and choose based on a match score.

It took Kathuria and his team of developers nine months to put the site together. The creator also sought the help of longtime OC-based promoter Gary Butler, a.k.a. GigBoss, who gave crucial feedback and helped iron out features that both promoters and bands look for when putting a show together. "It's all about creating the business integrity throughout the process," says Butler. "The promoter has to be straight up, the bands have to be straight up, and the venues have to be straight up. And if everybody pulls together for a common goal to make the damn fans happy and create customer retention because of it, then the scene can thrive."

Currently, the site (muzaicshows.com) is open to bands across the U.S., but it mainly serves outfits in OC, LA, San Diego and Las Vegas. The plan is to go national and create a phone app that integrates it into social media. Hopefully, everyone will be swiping their way to success in no time.

"Ultimately, this will be a business tool for artists, promoters and even the venue in order to make a successful show happen," Kathuria says.


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