[Hits!] Top-Selling Records at Big Ed's Records

Top 10 selling records from March 13 to March 19 at BIG ED'S RECORDS, 2146 E. Fourth St., Long Beach, (562) 433-8601. Big Ed's specializes in rockabilly, R&B, doo-wop, rockin' hillbilly, Western swing, classic country, psychobilly, and modern rockabilly.

1) Dusty Chance & the Allnighters, Savage (Wild)
2) Gizzelle, Devil or Angel (Wild)
3) Gamblers Mark, The Last Chance Saloon (Gamblers Mark)
4) Tabaltix, Sex, Pugs and Rock 'n' Roll (Crazy Love)
5) Zombie Ghost Train, Dealing the Death Card (S.O.S.)
6) Chuck and the Crack-Pipes, One Lung Down (Western Star)
7) Grady Martin, Roughneck Blues 1949-1956 (Rev-Ola)
8) Tommy Collins, The Capitol Collection (Koch)
9) Various Artists, Shake 'em Down Volume 5 (Ace)
10) The Collins Kids, Rockin'est (Bear Family)

STAFF PICK: Mickey Baker, In the '50s: Hit, Git & Split (Rev-Ola): "The king of sidemen—shit-hot guitar sound of Young Jessie, Joe Clay and, last but not least, the wonderful Titus Turner—what a rock & roll guitar player sounds like; 1950s at its best." (Ed)


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