Top 5 commercial releases and Top 5 independent releases from June 3 to June 9 at Beats,Vinyl&Life,517 S. Brookhurst St., Anaheim, (714) 774-7780; WWW.BVANDL.COM. Beats, Vinyl & Life is a hip-hop specialty store carrying vinyl, CDs and clothing.

1Mike Jones, "Still Tippin'" 12" (Warner Brothers)
2Ying Yang Twins, "Wait" 12" (TVT)
350 Cent, "Just a Lil Bit" 12" (Interscope)
4Ciara, "Oh" 12" (Jive)
5Ludacris, "The Potion" 12" (Def Jam)

1MED, "Push" 12" (Stones Throw)
2Exile featuring Slum Village, "Time Has Come" 12" (Sound In Color)
3LD & Ariano, "Lost Angels" 12" (8th & Dawson)
4Giant Panda, "Super Fly" 12" (Tres Records)
5Freestyle:theArtofRhymeDVD (Palm Pictures)

STAFF PICK: MED, PushComestoShove(Stones Throw): "It's got a really good range of beats. It can even capture some of the mainstream. It's a solid album, well-rounded and brand new. And I'm pretty picky." (Jason)


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