Top ten records from June 24 to June 30 at RhinoRecords,235 Yale Ave., Claremont, (909) 626-7774. Rhino Records carries new and used CDs and LPs—rock, jazz, punk, soul, world and more—as well as DVDs, toys, T-shirts, accessories and magazines.

1Transplants, HauntedCities(Atlantic)

2Foo Fighters, InYourHonor(RCA)

3The White Stripes, GetBehindMeSatan(V2)

4Coldplay, X&Y(Capitol/EMI)

5Various artists, LookatAlltheLoveWeFound:ATributetoSublime(Cornerstone RAS)

6Dropkick Murphys, TheWarrior'sCode(Hellcat)

7Billy Corgan, TheFutureEmbrace(Warner Bros.)

8System of a Down, Mezmerize(American/Columbia)

9Beck, Guero(Interscope)

10The Offspring, GreatestHits(Columbia)

STAFFPICK:Queens of the Stone Age, LullabiestoParalyze(Ant Acid Audio/Interscope): "It's a very sexual, sensual album, yet still rocking. It's good to get warmed up to go out with, or for kicking back with a lady. It's worth getting on vinyl for the three extra songs. The vinyl is way sexier than the CD—the way they put it together. Plus, it has Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top on it." (Shawn)


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