Top 10 selling records from April 13 to April 19 at Radiation Records, 501 Raymond Ave., Ste. P, Anaheim, (714) 400-0019. Radiation Records specializes in punk vinyl, accessories and clothing.

1) The Voids, Sounds of Failure, Sounds of Hope LP (Dr. Strange)

2) The Vicious, Obsessive 7-inch (Feral Ward)

3) Le Face, Le Face 7-inch (Smokin' Barrel)

4) Social Circkle, Static Eyes 7-inch (No Way)

5) Embalming Theatre/XXX Maniak, split 7-inch (Haunted Hotel)

6) Geisha Girls, In the Monotone 7-inch (Project Infinity)

7) Various Artists, Choke On It: A 27 Band Portland Compilation LP (Blind Spot)

8) Cunt Puppet, Ann Heizer's Bush 7-inch (Sack O' Shit)

9) Contaminators, No Friends 7-inch (Going Underground)

10) Neon Maniacs, Crazy World 7-inch (Puke N Vomit)

STAFF PICK: Le Face, Le Face 7-inch (Smokin' Barrel): "They're a great, original-sounding band, and the Smokin' Barrel label is awesome." (Kent)


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