Top 10 selling records from July 27 to Aug. 2 at BIONIC RECORDS, 9549 Valley View St., Cypress, (714) 828-4225. Bionic specializes in independent underground music with an emphasis on rock, punk, metal and underground hip-hop.


1) Bad Religion, New Maps of Hell (Epitaph)

2) Nile, Ithyphallic (Nuclear Blast)

3) Behemoth, The Apostasy (Century Media)

4) Interpol, Our Love to Admire (Capitol)

5) Korn, Untitled (Virgin)

6) Portugal. The Man, Church Mouth (Fearless)

7) Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Is Is (Interscope)

8)Evergreen Terrace, Wolfbiker (Metal Blade)

9) Queens of the Stone Age, Era Vulgaris (Interscope)

10) Danzig, The Lost Tracks of Danzig (Evilive)

STAFF PICK: UNKLE, War Stories (Surrender All): "It's James Lavelle's project that mixes electronic, trip-hop and rock. He gets a lot of singers from different bands. It's kind of dark and kind of spacey. It's different." (Mike D.)


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