Hibbleton's new art exhibit pays homage to the Polaroid 600

Hibbleton's new art exhibit pays homage to the Polaroid 600

If the phrase "Instant Gratification" could be materialized into any form known to man, that form would have to be a polaroid camera. Even in the age of digital imagery, memory cards and glossy photo printers, there is still a sense of excitement about fanning the crap out of a floppy piece of chemical film to see if things turned out the way you wanted them to. Perhaps that's why this phrase is tacked on to Hibbleton Gallery's latest exhibit, a lo-fi tribute to the instant camera and it's contributions to the stuffed shoe box memories of our lives.

Out of a partnership between Hibbleton and ISM, an internationally appreciated arts non-profit company, "Instant Gratification": a polaroid party is a salute to the discontinued Polaroid 600 series camera. The exhibit features Polaroid images from 100 professtional and ametuer photographers from around the world.

The event is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday Aug. 7 at 7p.m., at date which supposedly coincides with the day the Polaroid 600 was discontinued. The show will run until Aug. 30.

Besides the opportunity to oggle the Fullerton-based gallery's small space (which will be covered almost entirely in sleeve-protected photos), you'll also be able to add you're own piece to this do-it-yourself art show. There will be a designated area with cameras lined up for guests to document their smiles, laughs, whacked out facial expressions and regrettable fashion choices, so feel free to add to the legacy of the polariod as much as you like.

You can also look forward to some vintage sounds by DJ Bobby Soul, vinyl ambassador of Fullerton's hipster watering hole, The Continental Room. And even when the night is over, you have to keep an eye out because a limited edition book of the artists work along with personal essays and writings bidding farewell to instant film will be produced and available to the public in 2010. So even if you can't buy polaroid film at you local Walgreens, at least you'll have the memories of it's last great night in Orange County. 


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