Heretic To Film Live DVD In Santa Ana This Weekend

Heretic To Film Live DVD In Santa Ana This Weekend

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Since reemerging a year ago, Southern California speed/thrash metal outfit Heretic have been pretty busy. Three members from the band's formative days, guitarist Brian Korban, bassist Dennis O'Hara and singer Julian Mendez, are involved with the project, they're pushing forward and will be recording their first ever live show this Saturday at Malone's in Santa Ana. This comes on the heels of Heretic releasing A Time Of Crisis last month, their first album since 1988's Breaking Point. For a band that only released two full-lengths and one EP, they have a devoted fanbase.

For those of you who don't remember or aren't familiar with the group, here's a quick history lesson about the band. They were founded in 1985 by guitarists Korban and Rick Halpin, bassist Scott Patton, drummer Rick Merick, and vocalist Mike "Towers" Torres. Soon after, Mendez replaced Torres and thus the band's formative lineup was formed. After their debut track on the Metal Massacre Vol. 7 compilation on Metal Blade Records, Julian Mendez replaced Torres. This lineup released the Torture Knows No Boundary EP on Metal Blade in 1986, and began performing alongside of numerous noted heavy metal bands in Los Angeles. After a couple of lineup changes and the release of their The Breaking Point album in 1988, the band broke up in 1991.

After 20 years lying dormant, last year the band reformed and here we are. Heretic is billing Saturday evening's show as a return to the "glory days" of Southern California's metal scene. Also performing are Deathriders (featuring former Anthrax vocalist Neil Turbin) and local speed metal band Brain Dead. Betsy Bitch will serve as mistress of ceremonies.

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